Understanding of the Raw materials is Key to Good Manufacturing Practices


The knowledge of raw materials, also known as ingredients determine, to a larger extent, the quality and beprofitability of your product.

Knowing how the ingredients function in a product, will allow a manufacturer to offer a suitable substitutes in case of shortage or high prices for the ingredient in question.

Subsequently, the manufacturer, while substituting the deficit, will circumvent his or her way to achieve the same standards.

Take for example Triethanolamine (TEA) a common ingredient in virtually all products. TEA is a strong alkaline, commonly used in raising the pH of the product. TEA can always be substituted with Sodium Hydroxide! EDTA is a chelating agent used in situations where normal clean tap water is used in manufacturing. Otherwise it is recommendable to use de-ionised water. Another example is use of Humectants in a number of products, eg Shampoos, Hand wash, Body Lotions etc. Glycerine is the cheapest substitute for Lactic acid or editronic acid which behave the same. Potassium hydroxide can effectively replace Sodium hydroxide in making shaving creams. Knowledge on These and many more ingredients and their functionalities can help a manufacturer save money or intervene in a situation where an abrupt shortage of an ingredient has occurred.

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