How to Make Paint in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda


The Paint Technology is an interesting industrial skill for people aspiring to venture into paint manufacturing.

In our career-driven consultancy services, we have conducted extensive research and study on the industrial paint technology industry, and with authority, we can say that the industry’s very few players like Crown paints, have had a field day in this lucrative multi billion dollar industry in Kenya.

Our training program in Paint Technology is well structured to Impart knowledge and skills to the students in such a way to prepare them for entry into the manufacturing profession. The two-day course explores different facets of the subject matter in design and formulation of different types of paints eg. Gloss Paint, Emulsion Paint, (Water Based and oil based). The learner is introduced to basic and complex formulation techniques for the leading Paint brands in Kenya and USA, quality improvement of exterior and interior paints, raw material selection and grading etc.

This course, unique in Africa, preps a school leaver of any grade, retired professionals, and even serving employees to build a career in manufacturing with minimal challenges.

We believe that by demystifying common industrial concepts and secrets, we help empower families to economically sustain themselves for better living standards and quality service delivery in their respective communities.

All our training programs are centered around the standards stipulated by state agencies such as Kenya Bureau of Standards, Tanzania Bureau of Standards, Uganda Bureau of Standards, etc.

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