2019 is the Year of Industrialisation


This is the Year of social and economic change that will transform individuals and families.

It does not really matter the level at which you can realize this. What is important is good advise, little capital, little space and the right knowledge.

“For a very long time, the selfish leadership, lack of information and indulgence of our learning institutions with commercialisation of academic awards at the expense of the learners financial sacrifice has deprived energetic citizens the opportunity to produce consumer products. Only to rely on low salaried employment and cheap imports”. Said Herman, the chief industrial consultant.

Industrialisation, by any means, is taking raw materials and converting them to usable end products. Whether at low or high scale, the gains in manufacturing are tenfold. For example, a school leaver who approaches a neighbor to collect maize cobs after the harvest can take them to a mill and this can be used as Animal feed base. Further incorporation of additives (minerals, protein concentrates etc) would amount to Value Addition of the Feed base, whose retail price would be higher thus income. But who can spare time to teach you this? Even the trade oriented polytechnic won’t do it.

All the big companies in Nairobi and other districts at one time started low. For example, Nice & Lovely started in 48 sq feet cubicle along Kirinyaga road…and many more examples, whose information can be found with motivational speakers who vanish immediately after pocketing Handsome amounts of cash from big attendance.

The families in Kenya must come to the realization that it is with mutual support that a dream of Industrialisation can be born within the unit. Financial support, moral encouragement and space is what a spouse, or the father /auntie or siblings can offer one of their own. Pulling together resources is the best form of insurance.

Many industrial products, starting from artificial Charcoal, Soap, all the way to Foam mattress manufacturing are at the behest of Foreigner investment while our graduates with masters degrees are the low salaried employees.

“This is a tradition we must break away from. At the current world economic times, it is no longer fashionable to get a “white collar job”. Those were pre-colonial and our parents were comfortable with it” added Herman.

“Setting up a, say Foam mattress business, one is able to strike a deal with only Ten schools who can make orders every start of year, and guess what? The manufacturer is able to net Ksh 8 million. (assuming the 10 or so schools are taking 200 pieces each at a cost of 4,000). If your son insists to have a black suit and tie trekking to work every day, encourage the younger siblings or their jobless wives to take up the challenge. The suit wearing Son will soon come back home”. Concluded Herman.

Fear of failure
Unfortunately, the human nature is wired to take precautions. This intuition is magnified especially when they aspire to do what big companies are doing. But knowing this secret, you can deal with it like a common cold. Low scale investors, eg starting up with 10,000 shillings, risk low. But with professional guidance and good background training, failure rate is 0%.

The role of family in the Industrialisation can not be under estimated. The role models in the family-whether the husband or the wife – should take the precedence and set the ball rolling.

Involving the Supreme Authority
God created man (you and me) to worship HIM. Not for any other reason. One way of worshiping Him is to rely totally on HIM. Therefore, dedicating your new project to Him is a way of inviting Him to help you. It is a sign of faith that you are relying upon Him, and therefore He will prove to you that it is Him who blesses you. This means He will enable you to succeed. Else, the unseen enemy will frustrate you, in order to draw you away from Him who he is fighting with. Let us be wise here. Proverbs 16:3 ( Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans ) Deutronomy 28: 8 says that “… The LORD will command the blessing upon you in your barns and in all that you put your hand to…” God is not a man that He can lie. This is the wisdom- whether a Christian or Muslim, or Buddhist.

For aspiring industrialists whose spouses don’t see the sence, begin it, and the other half will see it, since seeing is believing. For more information, Training and consulting, talk to us on WhatsApp no 0723424240. We shall offer career guidance to help you make informed decisions. Do not fear to fail.

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