From buying the machine (New SSP-133™), to buying the raw materials, KEBS registration and making the first batch of 100 cartons of 800g grade 1 laundry bar Soap, the Ksh. 500 thousand is just enough.

And not just that. The sale of all the 100 dozens at retail price of ksh. 125 per bar, can earn you a cool Ksh.162,000 shillings. If you ploughed back the Ksh. 162,000 on raw materials, you can make 4,050 bars (i.e. 337 dozens/cartons). With a determined effort, you can sell off all the 337 dozens in two weeks, making 506,250 shillings, THUS EFFECTIVELY offsetting the startup capital loan-in less than two months.

Compare this to buying a Matatu. You will need Ksh. 4.5 million to invest in the Matatu industry. With all the risks of operating the business (Accidents, Corrupt traffic police, Tear and Wear, non trusted touts, break downs etc), you are better off with this business. The soap making machines (preferably SSP-133™) has low power consumption, further beating the expenditure on fuel (Petrol or Diesel) consumed by the Matatu.

You do not need to rent a space unless you are living in town estate. This business can take off anywhere provided there is electricity. The machine (SSP-133™) only requires a space the size of a family dining table. Packaging racks for the plodded soap, soap cake preparation area takes another equivalent space multiplied by two. This means that it’s a business that you can operate from the backyard of your house (or a servant’s quarter).

Now, forget the many misleading information from foreign websites that dictate you need a complete line (Packaging machine, conveyor, coolers, clutchers, blah blah). Unless you want to launch a competition platform with Unilever, these “demands” are useless, and again, you must be ready to spend over 21 million Shillings (234,000 USD). What justifies the hustle?

Visit us for enquiries about the venture, testimonials and strategic planning. Or get a booklet with detailed information and detailed analysis on the costs for each particular item (machines, raw materials, Kebs, Barcodes, Packaging, and Formula for Commercial Laundry Bar Soap (KEBS-Approved). 0723 424240

Did you know?

-Soap, just as salt, is the only unique consumer commodity that has over 99% of the population clientele?

-The users of soap have no particular taste, colour or brand preference (unlike those of general cosmetics, foodstuffs and clothings) provided it cleans and foams well?

-That you cannot gamble with laundry bar soap business?

-That in Kenya alone, only 10 brands are struggling to meet the humongous demand of over 42 million users?

-That the new SSP-133 makes an average of 9 dozens per hour?

CAUTION:  NEVER agree to get a report or formula from our offices without official receipt. If in doubt, call this no. before you pay money for any services: 0723 424240. Corruption is sin and it backfires hard. Insist to talk to Herman before any transactions. The company will not be held responsible for any misleading information/formulas obtained through improper ways.





Noodles being aired before being plodded into bars


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  1. I am in zimbabwe and would like to get a quote of coconut and palm oil for soap making. Kindly qoute SSP-133 Ti machine and the mixer. Thank you

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