Why Formulations for Cosmetics and Detergents Keep Changing


A lot of dynamism in Cosmetic and detergent manufacturing, including disinfectants and personal care products, has been observed in formulations in the recent past. This is a common practice in almost every field of invention and innovation.

“Unlike in the Pharmaceutical Industry where dynamic changes in drug formulations are directly attributed to Disease Resistance, the Cosmetic, Personal care and Detergent formulations are influenced by the Customer Needs as a direct result of fashion, brand competition, Western Influence and Change in Societal Values” explained Herman, a veteran Cosmeceutical expert.

Herman gave an example of a common household product that has been reformulated to serve both as a personal care as well as general hygiene care product. Traditionally, an Antiseptic was separately formulated as a personal care product while a Disinfectant was meant for general hygiene care. But now, the market has been greeted by a “combo-product”-Antiseptic Disinfectant. This product plays two roles in one formulation, and while serving the purpose, there is shared mutual benefit between the manufacturer and the consumer, explains Herman. The manufacturer reaps big while the end user is spared the “inconvenience” of buying two products at a go. “This practice is common in Motor vehicle industry-as seen in the design of the Double Cabin Pick-up that serves as a Family car as well as a commercial carrier.

In the case of an Antiseptic Disinfectant, the manufacturer carries the day, having duped the customer that it is “ a convenient way of saving”. A gallon of Antiseptic/Disinfectant retails at a cool 3,060 shillings while the cost of production is around Ksh. 270, container included. A similar quantity of Disinfectant and its cousin Antiseptic would retail at Ksh. 400 and 800 respectively, and the cost of producing the two would cost slightly above ksh 210 each.

‘Similarly, in beauty and detergent industry, a good manufacturer must keep abreast in the game by offering new inventions that suit clientele needs-including perception, ease of use, common benefits and positive attributes, added Herman. This scenario is exemplified by Bidco’s laundry detergent brand that contains Fabric Softener and Laundry bar that contains Aloe Vera.

In our daily training program, we emphasize on alternative formularies besides offering the latest (or the common) formulations. All formulations are acceptable by KEBS and are aimed at benefiting both the user and the manufacturer. E.g, formulating a Body Lotion (200ml) in 2015 would cost  about Ksh. 13 but recent innovations have made production of the same (and even better quality) slightly lower below Ksh 10.

At Cosmetics and Detergents Ltd. Institute, we are offering training on new formulations for Powder detergents with fabric conditioning benefits, Antiseptic Disinfectant, All-purpose gel detergent (can be used in laundry, floor cleaning and even hand washing)-the kind of the first product in Kenya.  We have also invented new formulas for All-purpose laundry bar soap with fabric conditioning and de-staining properties (for ceramic tiles, fabric stain, toilet and bathroom cleaning). We have also introduced classes for All-purpose beauty soap (that combines organic, general cleaning, natural skin lightening and anti-body odor properties). On the category of hair care products, we are now retraining (for free) our former students on how to reformulate hair serums for promoting growth and repair, conditioning of the hair and treating anti-dandruffs-all in one. Starting January 2018, we shall also be offering courses on how to make Cream Soap (for Acne control, facial cleansing and anti-wrinkle). This has been driven by the fashion change in the global market as a result of massive awareness by crusaders of natural facial products.

Asked how he developed unique interest in product formulation and development, Dr. Herman says that it is attributed to his passion for  learning  new things, and he fondly recalls how he got inculcated in the culture of thinking “out of the box” by his former lecturers namely Prof. Majwejwe (Paediatric Nutrition/Epidemiology), Mr. Titus, Research Methodology, Dr. Florence Laker (Surgery /Nursing), Prof. Mericado (Anatomy), Dr. Shilrose Saldivia (Surgery), and Bassajja Balaba (Chairman BOG), his own dad the late Prof. A.K Mwongo, among many.

To get these comprehensive courses by a team of highly trained tutors, visit us in person at Nyota building, at the junction of Dubois and Accra road (tea-room). We are located in Third floor at room 309. Beware of conmen. Always call this no if need for clarifications; +254 723 4242 40. We are a member of African Institute of Industrial Consultants.


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