Trouble Shooting in Soap Making


On nearly daily basis, our Soap Technologists are confronted by questions from our online readers regarding formulation challenges they encounter while trying out a new soap recipe. Some of the challenges people encounter while trying to make soap are,

1. Soap not hardening after pouring
2. Grainy texture on soap bars
3. Poor adherence of soap colors
4. Soap becoming very hard
5. Soap not becoming white despite bleaching oils
6. Soap crumbling
7. Soap not foaming or lathering
8. Soap with unpleasant odor

There is nothing more stressful than failing to achieve a target result in manufacturing.

Our experiences and expertise come in handy when approached by soapers who often are eager to tackle the above challenges.

In soap manufacturing, whether industrial or home based, arming oneself with the right formulation is key to confronting many challenges highlighted above. Besides, knowing the right amount of Moisture content of your soap recipe, correct temperatures for saponification, the right bleaching procedure and the correct application for fillers, stabilizers and mixing ratios will help a soaper to make a pleasant product. “A properly formulated soap must cure in a record time of 4 hours (and NOT six weeks as mythfied by uncensored internet content) ” explains Herman, who oversees the training operations at Cosmetics $ Detergents Kenya Institute.

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