Soaps and Skin


One of the common health challenges on average human body is a defective/unhealthy skin.

Being the largest organ on the human body, skin is prone to all manner of superficial infections, external injuries, and even internal ill health manifestation.

Acne, Eczema, Rash, Itch, Baldness, Pimples, stretch marks, hyper pigmentation, wrinkling, dark spots, allergic dermatitis, etc, are some of the commonest skin problems found human adult and children alike. And they often come with an embarrassing sting.

Skin, being an organ, is charged with metabolic activities of the body, besides protection of inner tissues and of course nourishment.

The skin filters harmful cosmic rays, absorbs nutrients and excretes waste. These vital roles make the human skin a very sensitive part of the human body.

When we talk of absorption, the skin is able to absorb drugs, poisons etc deep into the body via capillaries. Similarly, treatment of some common superficial skin anomalies can be effected by agents rubbed gently on the skin containing medicaments.

This is where soap comes in. A soap impregnated with nutritive ingredients, medicinal extracts, emollients etc can be used to manage a number of anomalies on the skin.

Traditionally, rashes, acne pimples and eczema have been successfully treated with special soaps. Thus soaps- being routinely used- and considering they are cheap, places them as best bet in skin care management plan.

Soap as a Skin Care and Healing agent
Bathing is a routine ritual which everyone performs on average 5 days in a week. Therefore, the need to address skin conditions through soap is not only cheap but most affordable to all. Some cosmetic skin products include ethanol as an additive to aid them perform better when certain ingredients are needed to be forced into the body through the skin. Reason being that Ethanol increases the absorption rates of other chemicals present in such products. Actually, Ethanol, which is readily absorbed into the skin, breaks down the skin’s natural barrier and it binds to the molecules of chemicals thereby carrying with it down deep into the skin. Therefore, soaps with a little added alcohol performs better on an ailing skin whose therapy is delivered through use of soap. No wonder why some brands are well liked and highly recommended for facial cleansing and Eczema. Others such as Elba are good for Recurrent Acne.

The manufacturer of Elba brands of soap discloses some very vital information on the soaps’ inserts which can hardly be ignored by those seeking to heal their skin of acne, serboeric dermatitis, dryness, oiliness and black spots. Besides controlling excessive oil production (especially in acne prone individuals), Elba cleanses the skin, opening up blocked pores. Now, this tells you that other undisclosed ingredients in the soap (that are kept as top secret by the manufacturer) are able to penetrate the epidermal layer of the skin. High cost of some of these soaps aside, their benefits far outweigh the their expensiveness.

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