Soap Plodders in Kenya 


Getting the right choice for tools or machinery defines the quality of work (finished product) a serious manufacturer intends to make. Despite high cost of some machines, it may be necessary to invest on them in order to achieve value for money.

The brand new soap making machines and equipment from the internationally acclaimed Express Marine Engineering Corporation come complete with User manual booklet, One year warranty, After sales service and free training.

Express Marine Engineering Kenya has satisfied customers like Safaricom Mpesa Foundation (Thika), Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI – Karura), a number of NGO’S and individual private manufacturers. See Video here

Besides soap machinery, EMK deals with irrigation products, Air conditioning, and Drone assembly.

The New Model SSP133Ti is the most popular among the 5-SSP series because of its versatility and power saving features. The SSP series are famed for high quality finish, gloss and standard compactness of soap bars. Cosmetics and Detergents Kenya Ltd are the authorised dealers in soap machinery from EMK. Get in touch with us through our telephone number +254 723424240

PHOTOS: These machines were supplied to Safaricom Mpesa Foundation and KEFRI on various dates in 2017.

Above: SSP133Ti on roller being transported to Kenya Forestry Research Institute’s Workshop and Below The Safaricom’s Mpesa Foundation Lab with SSP 133-Ti in operation

Above: SSP 133 Ti plodder at Kenya Forestry Research Institute’s Soap production Workshop and Below Engineer Yegon of KEFRI (in white coat) supervising the commissioning of SSP-133 Ti by the parastatal’s technicians

Above, unloading the SSP 230L in Mbale, Uganda for the Local government’s Youth Empowerment programme Below: The SSP 230L leaving Industrial Area assembly facility, enroute Uganda

Above: A sample of “Clair” brand belonging to Safaricom Mpesa Foundation

‘TIDY’ Brand made by Felfam Limited, one of our customers of SSP 133-Ti

Above: Testing of SSP-133 ti belonging to a family company in Kisumu, housed at Kenya Industrial Research & Development Institute (KIRDI-Kisumu) and Below: Bars produced at KIRDI-KISUMU

Above: Engineers and Technicians delivering a Soap Clutcher to a client in Utawala-Embakasi for installation and commissioning and Below: On site (Home of the customer) assembly of SSP 230

Above: Display of a high quality gloss finish of soap bars by SSP plodder

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We’re located along Accra road at the junction of Dubois and Accra road CBD room 309 third floor and room 105 first floor Nyota building


  1. Hi do you have the machine for real this time.Because last time i come to your occice in time which is hidden at place when hardto walk no parking then given direction to some place on thika roau was not easy to find but got there only to find there was non not even a sample they convinced me to put some deposite and waith fro import i then got seller on line for the jua kali one form light industry So is the one you talk about here real and more so is it here in kenya or one has to wait for import? Even mold was given contact to call a person in kariobang who had non then only make with order and advcnefee but no where to be seen apart formon phone At your office the were no chemical neither on sample for training on a serios note i hope you have improved and serious now Thanks

    • Thank you for your honest experience. We do not have machines for display. Any machine that has been ordered is available for display before the owner takes it. But you can request to be taken to KEFRI where you can see the real machine. We do not deal with second hand or jua kali products. We do not stock chemicals and the town office you visited was for training and office matters. At our Kamiti road, we are located in Millennium petrol station flats with adequate and secure parking.

  2. Good People,
    Greetings from Jinja, Uganda. I hope this finds you well.
    We own and operate a rice mill in Jinja. Currently I am working on soap processing and then I then saw this.
    I intend to use as much local materials as possible. While in the long run most of them can even be processed here in order to substitute imports, I know this will realistically take time. Hence we have to grow the industry from an import base. Starting with washing soap, can we please work together to start and complete this project? I also have very innovative ideas to add to yours.
    I hope we can do business in one way or the other.

  3. Hello kosmotics kenya,
    I appreciate your effort to make the machine and its nice. I bought the ssp133Ti plodder, unfortunatly its original motor has been stolon, please could you tell me the horse power of the motor?

    • Hello Leykun, we’re sorry about the unfortunate incident. Please let us have more information about the machine: Year of Assembly, Serial No, and if possible the date of purchase /receipt/invoice number. This will help us reach out to Express Marine Engineering PLC for help. Please note that Single phase and Three phase machines have variant motor. During replacement, ensure that the motor is Original German. Reach us through the following number 0723424240

  4. Hello, Cosmetics Kenya Ltd
    Please, I need soap stamping machine which will be designed together with my business name and Logo. Can I get it? and how much total cost if will be delivered to Tanzania?

    Dodoma, Tanzania.

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