Soap Noodles are made from vegetable oils, such as palm oil, coconut oil or olive oil, and/or animal fats (tallow). These are ‘saponified’, usually using sodium hydroxide, to form a salt of the fatty acids. Soap Noodles constitute the very basic form of soap.
Various manufacturers sell soap noodles at ksh 60-80 per kg. This is outrightly expensive.

Manufacturers are able to buy basic soap noodles, then add pigments, fragrances and other components to create their own brand of soap.

Once this has been accomplished, the soap is moulded and pressed into its final shape, stamped with the brand and packaged.

Different specifications of soap noodles are used depending on the type of soap to be manufactured e.g. toilet soap, laundry soap, translucent soaps, high-lather, medicated, etc.

We sell soap noodles on order, however the margin profit gained by manufacturing your soap from soap noodles is very minimal! We advocate in one making his/her own soap noodles, plodding them into billets, stamping and packaging for sale as Soap.

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