Petroleum Jelly is defined as a colloidal dispersion of waxes and mineral oil (also known as White Oil) . Petroleum Jelly can also be called Soft Jelly, Petrolatum, Vaseline, Pure Petroleum Jelly,  Baby Jelly etc. The art of formulating Petroleum Jelly is complex but often very simple. One only needs to know the standard ratios for waxes and mineral oil. The rest of the procedure involves heating them together, and, voila! You have your Petroleum Jelly! To learn how to mix the three critical ingredients to make a petroleum jelly, call Kithinji on this no. 0723424240. We also sell bulk petroleum Jelly for enterprises intending to repackage and sell.-at very affordable price of Ksh. 180/Kg. Minimum 500kgs.

Freshly made sample by a trainee in our Labs


    • Thank you for your enquiry. Please call us on telephone number 0723424240 or visit our Nairobi office located in Nyota building building building along Accra road room 309 third floor opposite Emaccra Hotel Tea Room Area where MERU and Embu Matatus are booked

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