Goat’s Milk Soap & Kojic Acid Soap Market


With ever increasing quest for beauty without blemishes, many people, more so in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have resulted onto products that naturally meet their demands, from Skin whitening soaps to anti Acne and facial tightening Creams.

When the three East African countries banned skin bleaching products that contained Mercury and hydroquinone, market analysts were quick in pointing out massive losses for the companies that made such products. However, a local respected company, Light Essex Limited was contracted by Johnson’s Fairness International Ltd to formulate equivalent products but with less harsh active ingredients for lightening, smoothening skin and fighting Acne.

Their pioneer products, Uba™ Kojic Acid Fairness Cream, Kojic Acid Staggernbotch® Soap, Uba™ Kojic Acid Fairness Soap and Uba™ Facial Cleanse Goat’s Milk Soap were an instant market hit.

The goat’s milk soap brand-Uba Facial Cleanse® is more popular with women whose faces have uneven tone, dark marks and occasional eruption of acne. Despite the Uba brand products being a little more expensive, nevertheless, they are the fastest selling cosmetic products.

Judah, a local clinical scientist and a researcher reveals that the success rate of the Uba brands lies in continuous research, innovation and improvement. At his clinic situated at Nyota House along Accra Road, many of his patients ask him about the performance of the products.

A Sales Agent with Johnson’s Fairness International says that the products have a wide distribution in Kenya, mainly in beauty shops, pharmacy shops and individual suppliers.




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