Natural Soap,

can be plainly natural or Organic.
While formulating organic soap, some considerations in selection of raw material  are worth making.


organic / natural soap

is considered to be harmless to skin, capable of healing acned skin, smoothing and pampering the skin.

Demand for Organic / Natural Soaps, whether handmade or industrially formulated is on upward trend in Africa and particularly Kenya. Women, adolescents and wealthy upper class of the general population form the biggest market for this product.

Big soap making companies here in Kenya over look this vital market because soap business is generally in under-all-time demand and well profitable. This leaves a big market gap and enormous opportunities to “small scale ” organic soap producers. In other words, it is a blessing in disguise!

Making a handmade organic soap

is alot easy. Contrary to the common belief, formulation of organic soap is easier than any other related product, because the general procedure for making any soap applies here. One only needs to play around with oils, active ingredients like Neem, Jojoba, Aloe, Olive oils etc.  Color, preferably green and nice scents (for scented soaps ) are easy to incorporate.

Generally, the average time of formulating say 20kgs (200 pieces of 100g each) of hand-made soap is one hour. With experience, 30 minutes are enough. Curing takes a week or so while moulding and cutting it into shapes takes about 2 hours. With proper soap  cutting or die-cutting devices, a potential client cannot differentiate between a hand made and machine made soap. Proper wrapping or packaging is the epitome of product branding and marketing.

We have been in the forefront of mentoring and training of new organic soap makers for the past 16 months. Training costs only Ksh. 4,500 (for organic soap) and Ksh 4,000 for laundry soap.

Neem Beauty Soap by Kenya Neem Foundation is one of our many projects. Its popularity in the Kenyan market attests for the big market potential for natural beauty soaps.

Call us today or visit us for more information, training and guiding on this virgin venture. We also have a booklet with procedure on how to formulate the organic /herbal /natural soap, with SAP values of Jojoba, Neem, Aloe Vera oils. SMS /Call or WhatsApp 0723424240.



  1. am interested to trained on how to make barsoap. how do you charge. how many days does it take? how much will it cost start the small scale, the machine and buying raw materials. awaiting for your reply urgently. do you show some how to do packaging.

    • Hi Sal, it takes few hours of intensive training to learn how to make this item.
      Raw materials are abundantly available and all time low. Machines are unnecessary in small scale manufacturing of the soap. Medium to large scale will necessitate use of the machines but they are also affordable and available from us. 0723424240

  2. 1.please advice if its possible to use avocado oil without blending with other base oils like palm or coconut in making of hand made soaps.
    What other oil base is suitable to blend the avocado oil in soap making?
    2.If you pour in 1000ml of tranced soap liquid into a mould,what final quantity in grams will you get when the soap dries up?

    • Its possible to use avocado oil only to make soap, however, the soap will be too oily and will take time to harden. The KEBS does not approve of Avocado only soap. Avocado oil can be blended with other suitable soap making oils as long as they are in their right percentages. Loss of moisture is calculated based on the amount of water used in your formula

  3. Thanks alot for the good job youre doing of enlightening Kenyans about soap making.
    Iam very much interested in your training, however i live in Mombasa.
    Do you have offices here in Mombasa or do you have online training?
    best regards.

  4. You are Godsend. I have been looking all over internet for formulas to make organic soap. I use natural products but making my own with my family will be better guarantee. Will call you soon for more info on the training

  5. Hi,
    Have you experimented on Croton megalocarpus (mîkindûri [kikuyu name] ) oil in making of soap?
    Am thinking of experimenting it but don’t know how

  6. Hi,
    Am struggling with prices of the oils; in Nairobi’s retail shops Olive oil and Coconut oils are quite pricey. Where can I get these oils on wholesale?

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