Online Soap and Cosmetics Classes in Nairobi


Cosmetics and Detergents Kenya Limited Institute have introduced online training for various products including soaps Detergents and cosmetics, thanks to the growing number of requests from students far abroad who cite traveling and accommodation as the main impediment.

Prospective Trainees can book an online program, pay via either PayPal, Western Union, Mobile money or bank account.

The online training is an initiative by the organization that is in line with the global trends in communication technology.

All a prospective trainee needs is a working internet in his house or WhatsApp video call. Our new training lab is well equipped with learning materials, whiteboard and fast internet connectivity for clear online transmission of instructions, practical demonstrations and High resolution one on one interaction.

We believe that the online training will save the trainees time, energy and money while according them the comfort and flexibility they need.

To see the charge list click here

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