Now You can affordably Learn How to Make Foam Mattress


Cosmetics &  Detergents  Kenya  Limited  Institute, in  partnership with  Betty Industrial Chemicals Ltd present a unique all-new investment opportunity  to  Kenyans as  well as Citizens of Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and many more-Foam Mattress Making Course.

The relatively new 2-day  course will accord  participants  an  unparalleled  opportunity  to  learn  thorough polymerization  theory  and  hands-on  thorough  practicals in production and  marketing of foam mattresses. The course will be offered in Nairobi and Mombasa branches twice a week . “This  opportunity, deliberately opened  to  East  African  Residents,  will allow  aspiring   industrialists  to venture  in the otherwise lucrative business that is  “owned” by a few market players”, says Madam  Betty  of  Betty Industrial Chemicals Ltd.

The Foam  Mattress  Making  Course  was officially  launched  on July  6th  2017. Herman, a  senior trainer of Applied  Industrial  Chemistry  re-oriented  the staff on  handling  chemicals,  theory  and  practical applications in preparation for their active roll in training interested learners.

“Foam Mattress  Industry  in Kenya  has  very  few players and  this  will position  new  entrants on  a fair-level playing ground,  according them a  unique opportunity to  exploit the big  market  share that currently exist naturally” said  Mr.  Herman, an  Alumni of Kampala International University-School  of Medicine  where  he was mentored by a Mr. Bassajabalaba, Chairman of the board of Directors, who is a self-made billionaire.

Unlike  many Middle  sized  industrial processes that  demand  high capital  input (in terms of  raw  material, space,  workforce and  machinery) Foam  Mattress  production only  requires Wooden  Molding  Blocks, Reactants, Electrical knife, Sewing Machine and protective gear (gloves, Goggles,  Overalls, Nose  Masks etc). With as  little as Ksh.  30,000,  one can set  up a  Foam  Mattress  Production  workshop  complete  with raw Materials, an  Adjustable Moulder  and other necessities.  Other  requirements that  will need  money include KEBS registration, Trade License, etc.  Good  profits are  accrued from  making and  selling  mattresses  both for Wholesale  and retail.  As a foam mattress producer,  you can explore the following  markets:
▶Upholstery  Industry  (Sofa and Seat  Cushions,)
▶Cleaning  Industry
▶Motor  Vehicle  Industry ▶Domestic (Bed, Pillow cushions)
▶Packaging Industry 

Emerging economies like Rwanda,  South Sudan, Eritrea,  Botswana,  Zambia  etc present a  big opportunity to cash in on this low-capital intensive business. 

“The  secret to  success is  grabbing  an opportunity that rarely  shows  up, running  with it  and  exploiting maximally  the benefit it offers”  Concluded  Madam Betty.

For  more information about the  Mattress Making Course, please share  with  us on Tel. No. +254  723 424240. Whatsap  texts are  encouraged.  
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