New Short Courses that Impart Technical Skills for Entrepreneurs


Courses that were accessible to rich Kenyans through many years of University toil are now available for ambitious people in simplified, hands-on skills at much affordable cost and short time. Our mode of training focuses on Kenya Bureau of standards product specifications, and international standards and procedures.

Cosmetics and Detergents Kenya Limited Institute are partnering with major industrial players (Betty Industrial Chemicals, Kenya Matresss, Uplands Feeds etc) in providing the public with finer skills in commercial entrepreneurship.

The following are the newest courses that we believe will Impart the necessary exceptional applied industrial skills to Kenyans of all walks of life and all levels of education.

~Commercial Animal Feeds production course
~Animal (cattle /sheep /goat) Salt Lick manufacturing Technology
~Poultry Feed formulation an production technology
~Commercial beverage (Soda and energy drink) production and packaging course
~Foam Mattress (High and medium density) making technology

Besides manufacturing laundry bar soap which is by far the most selling product in Kenya, such other products like the ones listed above are also good income earners while their costs of operation and initial capital input are minimal (an entrepreneur can start with a minimum capital of Ksh 15,000).

Therefore Kenyans looking for an income generating project that requires minimal investment capital can now take advantage of the training.

The Animal and Poultry feed industry is huge and farmers have relied on few local manufacturers of feeds who have taken the advantage of High demand /Low supply chain economy.

Animal feed manufacturing course features, among other units, Internal Quality Control, Animal Nutrition, Raw materials processing, mineral and vitamin supplementation.

Our partner Express Marine Engineering PLC are in the forefront of providing machinery operation expertise for medium scale producers.

School and college leavers, retired civil servants, the jobless, businessmen, etc are encouraged to apply. Prof Elias Muchunu, a former Don at Mekere University, Ethiopia will be in contact with our trainees to motivate, counsel and induct them in entrepreneurship journey.

For more information on the newest courses and how to join us, please find us at Nyota building along Accra road at the junction of Dubois and Accra road CBD room 309 third floor and room 105 first floor. Call us on telephone number 0723424240. Feel free to interact with us on WhatsApp 0723424240.

We provide raw materials for the courses we offer as the sole agents of Uplands Animal Feeds and Betty Industrial chemicals.

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