Mosquito Repellant Lotions, Bedbugs Home Remedy Formulations


Besides transmitting malaria, mosquito bites are a real nuisance, especially in hot regions.

Some people react to mosquito bites by intense itch on the area of bite, others react but developing allergic bumps. This forces the victims of mosquito bites develop unease during evenings when these arthropods appear from their hideouts for blood meal. The people affected by these bites usually develop strategies for preventing them from the bites. Some of the measures are covering the legs and arms with clothes, applying greasy mosquito repellent creams, lighting smoky mosquito coils and spraying the house with expensive sprays.

Men are particularly on the receiving end when it comes to these tactical survival methods of keeping the unwanted tiny creatures away. Nevertheless, we at Cosmetics Kenya Limited have a lighter solution; Thin quick absorbing (non greasy) mosquito repellent lotion.  Our solution targets at easing the burden of cost in mitigating the mosquito bite menace, and finding more friendlier ways of using repellant lotion especially for men who dislike applying anything cosmetic, especially greasy substances in the evening.

Bedbug Menace
Needless to say, these nocturnal parasites do not know the rich or poor. The presence of bedbugs in the house is not dependent on the level of cleanliness. Bedbugs, especially in Kenya, are found even in high end Estates. Rich people, as well as poor ones suffer equally from the bedbugs bite. People whose households are infested by these blood thirsty parasites often keep it to themselves, occasionally trying all manner of methods of eradicating them. Some use Jik, Dettol, Doom, flee fumigants and anything they come across to no avail.

There is one particular formulation Rubidex that targets the physiological system (by inhibiting some particular enzymes found in the cellular microplasms of the Bedbug) completely annihilating it. We teach and train you how to use this Formulary for eradicating bedbugs with ease. It is user friendly and cost effective.

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