Making Glue and Other Adhesives in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda


The Glue industry is real and untapped in East Africa.

Glue is used on hourly bases in many home and Industrial applications namely; Shoe making, Carpentry, Book binding, Art etc. A casual walk along the River road’s numerous book printing businesses , Nairobi will reveal that glue is an essential commodity in the business, same-as vast carpentry business-that commands a sizable market share in woodwork industry.

Few brands dominate the market, and the fact that many people do not know how glue is made, puts the three major glue companies in absolute competition-free environment.

So, what does it take to know how to make glue? Nothing more than knowing individual constituent ingredients, their roles, ratios and the right formula. A few hours of comprehensive theory and practical skills will sharpen an aspiring industrialist into a full fledged glue maker.

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