Making a White, Durable Laundry Bar Soap


Some qualities of a good bar soap, which are much sought-after by customers are: White bars, Long lasting/durable bars, Foamy bars and non-drying bar soaps.

Many upcoming soap manufacturers find themselves in challenging situations when it comes to maintaining color uniformity for their soaps. Others find it hard to make low-cost soaps, often citing perceived “high” cost of raw materials. Still, others can’t find the right soap making raw materials

Lack of expertise training is to blame for over 90% cases of poor soap production. Soap making is just not about cooking caustic and fats, but an in-depth understanding of the major FIVE (5) components/ingredients that are mandatory in achieving a Menengai-like or Whitestar like bars durable bars.

In Our long outstanding career-experience in teaching and mentoring young soap manufacturers both in Kenya and neighboring countries, we have gained tremendous exposure on a myriad of case studies where people have been confronted by challenges of making good, long-lasting white bars of soap.

Overcoming Poor Soap production Practices
This can be achieved in two ways:
1. Comprehensive background theory in soap formulation
2. Comprehensive hands-on practical skills in soap production.

We have mapped and documented a common trend with inadequately trained soap makers. They all blame their poor quality soaps on raw materials. While we agree that choice of raw materials determine the quality of the bar, virtually, all bar soaps share common raw materials. But it is about the formulation techniques, rationing, blending and bleaching of the oils and rightful incorporation of other few ingredients that contribute to the grade, colour, durability and lather of a good laundry bar soap. Knowing how to source, substitute raw materials can result in quality control of soap. i.e Color uniformity from batch to batch, cleaning ability and durability.

At Cosmetics & Detergents Kenya Ltd, our Soap Technologists take the new learner through simple, well outlined comprehensive theory that prepares the trainee to understand the science behind soap production and the individual constituents of the raw materials used in various types competing local brands. The learner is made to understand the role each ingredient plays in soap, how to substitute one raw material for another incase of shortage while maintaining the same quality.

The well programmed classes offer the new learner an unparalleled opportunity to practice soap production using the two major methods: Cold and Hot processes. Raw material sourcing, Oil blending, Oil de-pigmentation, percentage ratio blending, bar stabilization, coloring and perfuming are all taught comprehensively at individual pace (one-on-one classes). Learning about KEBS standardization, product branding and packaging are of essence as this prepares a new soaper to match into the market unopposed.

We have recorded a 99% satisfaction and success rate to all those who have passed through our hands in Soap Making Classes, factory-grade liquid detergents classes and Fabric softeners classes, thanks to Betty Industrial chemicals Ltd, the suppliers of high quality soap making raw materials, and our team of highly trained teachers-some with a career spanning over 16 years.

We welcome you to train with us and excel in soap making career. We pledge support, mentorship and facilitation where necessary to achieve your goal. Talk to us on Tel no 0723424240 or visit us at Nyota Building along Accra road room 309 third floor opposite Emaccra Hotel


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