List of What we Teach Daily


The following industrial courses are offered on daily basis at Nyota House, Accra Road room 304. Call/WhatsApp this no to book your classes +254723424240 Download Pdf

1. Dishwashing Paste
2. Dishwashing Liquid Detergent
3. Multi Purpose Liquid Detergent
4. Powder Detergent
5. Laundry Bar Soap
6. Hand Wash
7. Mouthwash gurgle
8. Hand Sanitizer
9. Shower Gel
10. Toilet Bowl Cleaner
11. Fabric softener
12. Hypochlorite Bleach
13. Colors Bleach
14. Hard Surface Cleaner
15. Disinfectant
16. Shampoo
17. Car wash Shampoo
18. Utensils Scouring Powder
19. Drainage unblocker
20. Deodorant Toilet Block (in cistern)
11. Liquid Antiseptic (Dettol/Savlon-type)
12. Facial Scrub (any of the 3 types)
13. Hand Wash gel
14. Hand Sanitizer Gel
15. Medicated Hand washing 16. Liquid Soap
17. Body Lotion
18. Body Cream
19. Baby Jelly
20. Mosquito Repellant lotion
21. Natural Skin Lightening cream (Kojic acid based)
22. Whitefield’s Ointment
23. Sunscreen cream
24. Hair Relaxer Cream
25. Hair Styling Gels
26. Hair Curl Activator Gel
27. Hair Treatment
28. Hair Food
29. Hair Conditioner
30. Hair Oil
31. Transparent Soap
32. Nail Cuticle remover cream
33. Nail Polish Remover
34. Perfumes
35. Organic Soaps
38. Beauty/Toilet Soaps
39. Pain Balm (e.g Kaluma)
40. Mattress making
41. Hair Sheen
42. Shoe Polish and Shoe Creams
43. Facial Serums
44. Hair Spray & Hair Serums
45. Transparent/Clear & Multi-colored Soaps
46. Anti dandruff Hair Creams
47. Body Butter

48. Perfumes

49. Soft beverages and energy drinks

Special Training
(Formulation manuals for these products are also available for those who may not afford training fee)
Commercial Juice Production
▶Animal/Chicken feeds
▶Animal Salt Lick blocks
▶Paint and Wood Varnish
▶Tomato Sauce/ ketchup

About The Training
✔The above trainings are conducted by experienced cosmetic and detergent formulators well versed on KEBS Standardization policies.

✔Training includes product branding, packaging, market

✔Every procedure focuses on KEBS Standardization

✔We guarantee pass and approval of your products with Kenya Bureau of Standards

✔Theory and practical skills are emphasised during the training

✔Training starts at 9 am to 6pm daily

✔We help procure raw materials, Machinery, and any other help to our trainees. We do followup. We also link you directly to suppliers of raw materials (over 15 of them)

We welcome foreigners from Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Juba, DR Congo, South Africa etc. We assure them comfort, safety and general hospitality here in Kenya.

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