Industrial Coatings & Adhesives Formulation Manual


Our on-class training experience on paint (Motor Vehicle paint and Architectural paint) has identified a variety of ways to help would-be paint manufacturers achieve their dreams of placing their competitive brands in the shelves. This follows realization that the mandatory 5 day training program (for paints only) is so demanding, especially for a person working. Elsewhere, we also discovered that the ksh 50,000 ($500) we charge for the (paint technology) training is way above the reach of the common man without a steady source of income.

We have, therfore, compiled an 80-page standard procedure book with over 28 types of industrial coatings ranging from Architectural and motor vehicle formulations, wall Primers, Motor vehicle Base coats, Undercoats, top coatswall mastersdecorative interior paints such as Gloss, Silk, Matt, eggshell, enamelexterior silicon paintswindow putty, spot putty, wall putty, distemper, Powder Paints, Powder coatings like Polyfiller, Motor vehicle body filler, Contact Adhesives, Roofing PaintsPigment Concentrates, Thinners etc.

The manual comes with the first 20-page theorical introduction to paint, Thinners and glue making concept to prepare the new industrialist to have a clear understanding of the raw material used in coatings, solvents and Adhesives. The theory is written in an easy to understand model from experience with teaching people with different levels of understanding. This therefore ensures that the self-teaching learner grasps the concept easily.

We, however, will demonstrate one or two types of procedures free of charge upon purchase of the book. This will further orient the learner with procedures in formulation skills.

We hope the manual will transform the user in a big way. For more information and purchase or training, please talk to us on WhatsApp 0723424240 or call us. We are located in the city center NYOTA building along Accra road-Dubois road junction near Tea Room Dubois and Accra road junction near Tea Room. First floor room 105 and third floor room 309. The cost of the Manual is Ksh 38,500* only ($390). Ms Kemboi, our administration officer will help you once you come. The buyer of the Manual will be linked with all the suppliers of raw materials (both retail and wholesale) and packaging containers, printers of the containers (labels). We shall also link you with a Mr. Waweru and Miano, who are seasoned paint technologists with more than 15 years of experience in paint manufacturing with local giant paint making factories.

*Please note that the price is an introductory offer and may go up without prior notice.