How To make Lip balm, Lipstick in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania 


Lip balm, Lipstick and Lip gloss are collectively known as Lip Make-up

Lip make-up business in Kenya comands a sizeable market share of the total cosmetic industry, with professional women (who comprise the largest spenders) sparing no cent for new like-products that come with more value than traditional brands. 

The art of making lip makeup is new to Kenyans and this explains why 99,9% of all lip makeup is imported. 

The country (despite priding herself as economic powerhouse of East Africa)  loses billions of shillings to foreign manufacturers of such products that can be made by any Kenyan from the comfort of his/her home kitchen. 

We have been in the forefront of demystifying industrial processes in Africa, and we have the pleasure to welcome all Kenyans, and other people in East Africa to explore viable business alternatives from us. 

New Courses on Lip Makeup
Our team of highly qualified trainers are offering professional training on Lipsticks and Lip balms. Training is done daily.  The training features formulas employed by the latest products in the world  market while meeting the specifications of Kenya Beural of standards. We train on how to make scented and nonscented lip balm and lipsticks, herbal lip balms, therapeutic lip makeup (to heal chapped lips) mint flavoured lip makeup for fresh breath, sunscreen lip makeup, etc 

Profit Margins 
The cost of producing a high quality 20g lipstick is ksh 6/-.Add ksh 20 for a designer package material and Ksh 4 as contingency fee. Depending on the sale price, a lipstick manufacturer is bound to make over 600% profit. 

Value Addition 
With the current global craze and hype about Essential oils, including as little as 0.5% of an essential oil on your lip makeup will do all the difference to sales. Often, potential buyers of your commodity will give priority to anything that sounds more unique or valuable with less bargain. One particular distinction about lip makeup over other cosmetics is that users often move around with it in their handbags. They use it almost on hourly basis in office, corridors and other convinient places they can find, making it the most used cosmetic product. 

Materials  needed for lip makeup manufacturing are abundantly available in Kenya, thanks to multi national importers and distributors of raw materials such as Arichem Ltd, Betty Industrial Chemicals, Soapwide International Ltd etc. Equipment needed include weighing scales, funnels, thermometers, stainless steel bowls etc. A kitchen space is enough for production and KEBS is comfortable visiting the house for collection of samples for analysis. Start up capital can be as low as ksh 7,000.

Rather than attend empty Motivational Talks, participate in Multi Level marketing and spending hard earned money betting  “bit coins”, why can’t one  make 2018 a busy year of in-house manufacturing? Talk to us today on telephone number 0723424240. Our team, led by our manager, a Mr James Marwa, will guide you through decision making 


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