How to Make Food Seasonings


Food Seasonings such as Roiko, Masala, Beef chilli powder, Beef cubes, etc, all known as Condiments, form a formidable business opportunities across far and wide.

63% of households in Kenya use food seasonings and Coastal regions, Northern Eastern, Big cities such as Nairobi, Eldoret, Kisumu, Nakuru, Kisii etc lead in the number of users of the commodity. In Kenya, Oyo, Royco, Tropical heat are the few brands that dominate the market.

In our recently introduced Culinary Department, we undertake comprehensive research and training on how to manufacture Condiments such as Roiko Mchuzi, Roiko Cubes, Masala etc. Charges are reasonable and the training prepares individuals to design and create a formula for the product, packaging design and marketing. All the products are certifiable by the Kenya’s only leading Standardization body KEBS.

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