Soap manufacturing and selling is one business that an investor, whether small, medium or large scale, can never fail in. At least not for now when we have under production of the commodity. The east African market, including South Sudan, Somalia, Burundi and Rwanda has over 150 million people. Companies that produce soap for this vast market are less than 10. Most of these companies are based in Kenya. Uganda has one soap factory while Tanzania has only two. Rwanda, Somalia, Republic of South Sudan, Burundi, have none.  In Kenya, the soap market gets some relief from imports by Unilever, the largest multi national consumer product maker in Africa. (remember Unilever are the producers of Sunlight Bar soap brand)

Part Time (Jua Kali ) producers numbering less than 8 serve informal settlement areas of Gikomba, Kariobangi, Railway(Kibra) and Muthurwa.  Their low quality soap aside, these small time “manufacturers” reap handsomely and they praise the business. Other parts of Nairobi, including the rest of the country rely on the rather expensive commercially produced soap brands. In a nut shell, the soap market is humongous and  indescribable in the commonest terms possible.

An aspiring investor will see an opportunity here, and with the seriousness it takes, he will profit from it sufficiently. All that you needed is to have a peek of what this business beholds. 

Bellow is a quick calculation of how much you can make out of this virgin market. Remember, Kenya alone, needs over 1000 Bidco-like manufacturers for the market to feel well served.

The calculations made bellow are for small and medium scale producers serving their respective Counties , NOT KENYA as a whole.

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Low Scale Commercial Soap Production
=) Net Profit / Dozen × No. Of Dozens /Week =Total Net Income Per Week
=) 600 × 200 =120,000/Week.

Medium Scale Commercial Production
=) Net Profit / Dozen × No. Of Dozens /Week =Total Net Income Per Week
=) 600 × 600 =360,000/Week.

1. Each Dozen has 12 Bars
2. Cost of production for each bar is Ksh 40
3. Wholesale Price for each bar is Ksh. 90
4. Superior product competes better
5. Superior quality depends on make and quality soap machine.

About the Wholesale Price
The Ksh. 90 wholesale price per bar is a generous giveaway to any wholesaler or distributor just aimed at helping “get rid” of the soap from your factory (as soon as it is produced). Being a quality product, your soap won’t sell cheap. However, let the people involved in distribution chain of your product enjoy the profits, whether the final retail price is 108, 115, 125 or 135 bob. Remember, it is quality of your product that defines your sales, and by extension the Trust and relationship with your distributors. The choice of a good standard plodder will make the difference.

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