Happy New year 2018 to our followers 


The directors, staff and supporters of Cosmetics and Detergents Kenya Ltd wish you our clients a happy new year 2018.

To our clients, the year 2018 is a new year to refocus on personal aspirations intended to achieve the best (financially, knowledgewise and spiritually) for the benefit of our families, country and the world as whole.

Our team of dedicated researchers and teaching staff are happy to let you know that things will be done differently this year.

We have planned to introduce newest courses tailored to uplift small scale starters to even greater heights through robust innovative technology.

This year, we shall also make available cheaper modern machines and equipment for home based production of Cosmetics and Detergents. School and college leavers who have a passion for innovation and discovery will also join our newly introduced courses in Aeromarine machine design and fabrication, Drone design, fabrication and Air craft technology,thanks to our partnership with Express Marine Engineering International. We shall also provide training in Over-the – Counter drug manufacturing (Mouthwash, Pain Balm, Hair loss creams, medicinal syrups etc), Biopesticides and Essential oil Extraction technology.

We have in the past dwelt on laundry bar making but this year, we shall promote beauty tablet soap making alongside the operation of modern pneumatic-driven tableting machines for production of the same. (The astitute lucrative toilet soap business has been limited to bigger companies due to few complexities involved in soap shape design, which without the proper machinery in use poses some challenge).

Nevertheless, opportunities are wide in the manufacturing sector and with help of God Almighty, the Holy one of Israel, we shall deliver our promise timely.

Happy new year 2018.

We’re located along Accra road at the junction of Dubois and Accra road CBD room 309 third floor and room 105 first floor Nyota building


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