Animal Diet Feed Formulation Book


Agriculture sector holds a lot of future for new entrepreneurs. Animal and Poultry feed making can be a good industrial enterprise for farmers, cottage manufacturers, school and college leavers.

Knowledge in formulation of poultry feeds, animal feed-such as oxen and cows-can propel one’s career in this new market for animal feeds.

Many families in Kenya keep exotic cows for milk and meat production. In the Great Rift Valley region, from Nakuru through Molo, across Elburgon, Kericho, Iten, Eldoret, all the way to Kapsowar, close to over 95% of families rear milk producing animals.
Back to Central Kenya, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Murang’a Embu etc. over 80% of families rear milk producing cows and chicken. Vast other parts of the country have many homes that keep animals for milk and beef products on Zero grazing. Now, this presents valuable opportunities for animal feed product makers-an industry occupied by few players such as Unga Limited, Macs Feeds, etc. In Kariobangi, the few small scale manufacturers of animal feed products rake in millions of shillings.

What entails animal feed formulation? Simple. Locally produced excipients, fillers, mineral supplements etc are part of what the feeds contain. Our Animal Feeds Formulary Book contains detailed information on how to select, process the raw materials for animal and poultry feeds, how to incorporate each ingredient and all other activities involved in processing high quality animal and poultry feeds.

Formulation of animal and poultry feeds does not require intensive labour nor technical Mechanisation. It’s plain easy, doable at home and certifiable by KEBS.

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