General Handbook For Cosmetics, Detergents and Toiletries 2016


Save over 200,000 worth of college fee by acquiring this training manual for industrial formulations of a wide variety of products.

The text book contains standard formulations of Cosmetics, Detergents, and Toiletries. The procedures are easy to follow, written in simple English.

Upon purchase of your copy, we will offer to train you on at least three items contained in the manual FREE OF CHARGE.

We guarantee successful KEBS Standardization approval for your products.

This is the content of the 2016 edition. The books, each with a total of 59 procedures, is now available in our library as from 12th May 2016.
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1.  Dishwashing Paste
2.  Dishwashing Liquid Detergent
3.  Multi Purpose Liquid Detergent
4.  Powder Detergent
5.  Laundry Bar Soap
6.  Hand Wash
7.  Hand Sanitizer
8.  Shower Gel
9.  Toilet Bowl Cleaner
10. Fabric softener
11. Hypochlorite Bleach
12. Colors Bleach
13. Carpet Cleaner
14. Hard Surface Cleaner
15. Disinfectant
16. Carpet Shampoo
17. Car wash Shampoo
18. Utensils Scouring Powder 
19. Drainage unblocker
20. Deodorant Toilet Block (in cistern)
21. Liquid Antiseptic (Dettol/Savlon-type
22. Liquid Disinfectant

23. Normal Toothpaste (Dental Fresh)
24. Herbal Toothpaste (Neem Fresh)
25. Facial Scrub
26. Facial Talcum Powder
27. Lipstick
28. Mens After Shave Balm
29. Hand Wash
30. Hand  Sanitizer
31. Medicated Hand washing Liquid Soap
32. Nail Polish/ Lacquer /Cutex
33. Shower Gel
34. Nail Polish Remover
35. Nail Cuticle Remover

36. Body Lotion (Vasson)
37. Body Cream (Vasson)
38. Baby Jelly (Vasson)

39. Mosquito Repellant lotion
40. Natural Skin Lightening Lotion (Kojic acid)
41. Whitefield’s Ointment
42. Sunscreen cream
43. Herbal Lotion
44. Vanishing Cream (Vasson)
45. Foundation Cream (Vasson)

46. Normal (Basic) Shampoo
47.  2 in 1 Shampoo
Conditioning Shampoo (For Dry Hair)
48. Clarifying Shampoo
49. Herbal Shampoo
50. Hair Relaxer Cream (Vuela)
51. Hair Styling Gels (Vuela)
52. Hair Curl Activator Gel (Vuela)
53. Hair Treatment (Vuela)
54. Hair Pink Lotion (Vuela)
55. Hair Food (Vuela)
56. Hair Conditioner (Vuela)
57. Hair Wax for Twisting
58. Methylated Spirit

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  1. Hi l am Elizabeth from Nyeri and l am interested in making detergents, how do l get the handbook, its cost plus the raw materials. Thanks

    • Hello Elizabeth, the following are prices for the books we have.
      1. General handbook of Cosmetics and Detergents 2016 edition…… Ksh 27,000

      2. General handbook of Cosmetics and Detergents 2015 edition…….. Ksh 24,000

      3. General handbook of Detergents……. 15,000.

      The book contains information on costing and a list of various suppliers of raw materials

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