Foam Mattress Technology Offered in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania  


Join our simplified daily classes in making foam mattresses. The technology is simple and straightforward. Theory part takes at least 2 hrs and the practical part takes two hours.

The theory focuses on in-depth study of Raw materials used, their ratios, and where to find them.

The practical part exposes the learner to the real application of skills in production of both High density and Low density mattresses. The learner makes the actual foam mattress and goes with it home, no shortcuts!

Foam mattress making requires the actual raw materials (chemicals) that are mixed and let to expand into desirable lengths and widths in wooden moulders and then sliced into various sizes. Profits range between 60-100%. Raw materials suppliers are many in Kenya. Starting capital can be as low as Kshs 15,000.

Among many topics covered, the following is a quick overview of what the course entails

Foam making Technology

Lesson Preview

1. Definition of Mattress

2. Technical terminologies in Polyurethane polymerization

3. Raw Materials used in foaming and their originalities

4. Functions of each raw material

5. Procedure in polymerization

6. Volume and density calculations

7. Categorization of foam mattress

8. Physical properties of foam mattress

a) Density

b) Tensile strength

c) Resilience

d) Compression and load bearing capacity

e) Elongation

f) Etc

9. Foam mattress cover and qualities

10. Raw material sourcing

Talk to our Foam Mattress technicians today on telephone number 0723424240. A booklet with the easy-to-follow instructions is available in pdf format. Cost:$200

We’re the only trainers in foam mattress manufacturing technology in Africa


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