Evening Classes For Soap Making Nairobi


With demand for Industrial training soaring among the employed people working till 5 pm, we have introduced evening coaching on Bar soap making among other products such as body lotions, detergents, hair care products etc. The evening classes will run from 5.30 to 8 or depending on the recommendations of the trainee.  This will accord people who are tied up during the day a chance to learn and participate fully in practical-oriented classes conducted by our top Soap Technologists. For booking and other enquires, one can reach us on WhatsApp +254723424240.

A soap making class will take like 2-3 days to complete and the trainee will learn among other things; Oil bleaching, Soap coloring, Soap pH stabilization, Soap branding, etc. Theories comprise Science behind soap making raw material, raw material sourcing and application, Saponification Values etc. On completion of the course, each trainee will be given free raw materials to make an 800g soap sample at home for testing among relatives and family members. Our senior Soap Technologist, a Mr. Patrick Kubai will be on-call for evening clasess.


  1. HI there, am calvin from western kenya. I have been to make some soap on my own but the mixture come out to be expensive. it is true you help make me a solution that is uses less than 20 or 30 shillings. Please reply.

    • Hello Calvin. Firstly thank you for the trial. Secondly, it is important to note that making an 800g bar will cost you Ksh 49. 00 going by the current retail prices of the raw materials. It isf imperative, therefore, to have thorough understanding of standard formulation procedures and raw material costing. Please reach us on telephone 0723424240 and we will provide you with the best help possible

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