Essential Oil Business in Kenya


Essential oils are plant extracts in their pure form, used in Cosmetics, soaps and pharmaceutical products. 

Depending on the plants they are extracted from, essential oils play a myriad of functions they are intended for. Basically, essential oils are used in beauty care whereupon they work on the skin to treat many problems while in general cosmetics, they emit pleasant aromas that add value to a cosmetic product. 

The market for essential oils is astoundingly big while the margins profits are huge. 

Various methods of extracting high quality, un adulterated oils are used and our technologists are available to train dealers on how to extract essential oils. 

In Kenya, one huge manufacturer of Essential oils based in North Coast nominates the business in Africa. The Pacific Essential Oils Factory EA Ltd are known to export Rosemary essential oil, Perpermint and Sandalwood globally. According to an insider, their prices are Ex-factory and available in small quantities to small packers, organic soap makers and general cosmetics manufacturers. 


    • Laundry bars rarely have essential oils because they push cost of production up. Even if they have, essential oils like Tee tree, Rosemary and even Aloe juice could be present in less than 0.2%. The value in laundry bar is seen in foam, lather, brand name and size

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