A Disinfectant can be defined as a chemical liquid with anti microbial agents that destroy bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, etc.  The other names for Disinfectants are antiseptics,  germicides,  sterilizers, etc.
Disinfectants are applied on non living objects and disinfection occurs by killing microorganisms during cleaning, moping or wiping the surfaces.

The Kenyan market for Disinfectants is prime and very promising. Nearly every household in Kenya uses Disinfectants, same with institutions, hotels, hospitals etc.
In Kenya, the market for Disinfectants is extremely good and any producer for this commodity can attest to this. However, few people are into this money-minting business because the general public does not have any know-how in formulating or making them. Interestingly, I have observed that those who make home made Disinfectants casually buy the formulating ingredients from local chemical shops with minimum quantities attached. The vendors of these ingredients are just interested in making money, therefore, correct measurements and correct ingredients does not matter to them . Most chemical shops will sell you the base ingredients and not the active ingredients.

Devolution has made the market for Disinfectants popular because the county governments are floating tenders for the supply of Disinfectants. The tendering bids ensure that the producers of the best quality of Disinfectants win the bid.

Quality Disinfectants are the hallmark for good sales of the commodity here in Kenya because it offers a competitive edge for your product.
A good Disinfectant must not only be certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards, but must also bear qualities of a popular brand.

We teach people how to make top notch quality Disinfectant which cannot only guarantee your potential clients best results but can make international brands run for their money. Disinfectants fetch a hundredfold in returns (profits).

A typical Disinfectant should have at least 8 ingredients (all locally available), nice characteristic fragrance, color and rheology. 

Learning how to make a Disinfectant is pretty simple, less time consuming and affordable. Our highly skilled teaching consultants have first-hand experience in handling learners, and are also accommodative and very helpful.

With a small fee, you will be taken through comprehensive theory, practicals and extra curricula learning such as how to market your product, register with Kenya Bureau of standards etc. 

Disinfectant making classes in Nairobi are conducted daily except Sundays.

Visit us for more information or call us through this office number 0723424240, WhatsApp conversation also accepted 24/7.

Our modern training centre is located at Millennium Flats, Basement floor Suit LG 5 along Kamiti Road, Githurai 44 off Thika Super Highway. Individual classes are conducted daily apart from Sundays

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