Cashing in on Anti Dandruff Hair Preparations


Our sustained research on products that can earn a home-based manufacturer quick returns has unearthed few facts about anti dandruff hair products.

On average, about 89% of women (and few men) who grow big hair (or wear wigs) suffer occasional outbreak of itchy dandruff on their heads. And dandruff being a health challenge (it causes discomfort and embarrassing itch), over three quarters of the victims look for solution in antidandruff hair Creams, Shampoos and Washes.

This places the market for antidandruff  products at an all-time high. A 90g of antidandruff pomade like Radiant™ (produced in Kampala and marketed successfully in Kenya)  fetches Ksh 190/-.

While the cost of making an antidandruff hair pomade like Vasson Antidandruff Care is low (Ksh 30/100g), the high net profit of over 500% makes it easy to break-even in less than two months of sales.

By strategizing sales of 100 pieces per day, one can effectively make over 100,000 shillings (net profit) every month. Minimum investment for this product would be as low as 5,000 shillings (2,000/- for raw materials, 1, 000/- for containers, 500 for cooking pot, and the rest for miscellaneous: Thermometer, pH meter, labels, etc)

At Cosmetics and Detergents Kenya Limited, we train KEBS certifiable products including antidandruff hair Shampoos and Creams. For more information, talk to us on telephone number +254 723424240.

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