Bar soap, used for laundry and by extension toiletry, is by far one of the most used consumer commodity in Kenya and the whole of Africa. It is only second to cooking oil, salt and onion. The market for Bar soap in Kenya is under-utilized. Until now, less than Ten manufacturers are enjoying this vast market of over 99% (40 million plus) of soap users! The most popular Bar Soap brands in Kenya are: Panga, Menengai, Whitestar, White, Ushindi, Wash, Kuku, Lima, Rupi, Key, Sunlight and Jamaa. Most of these brands are owned by multi national companies who enjoy the monopoly.
Venturing into this under-uterized industry cannot only be rewarding, but also very lucrative. It is an under uterized, uncompetitave industry because only few players are into it. There are only Ten manufacturers who enjoy the robust monopoly of a consumer base of 43 million people here in Kenya! You can therefore become the 11th, 12th, or even 100th new entrant into this field without any worry or intimidation. Still, even 1000 manufacturers of Laundry Bar Soap CANNOT satisfy this market.
Soap manufacturing, particularly Laundry Bar soap, has been mystified through conspiracy and lack of information. Majority of people who would like to venture into this industry usually think that the trade is reserved only for big manufacturing companies. They harbor the belief that manufacturing Soap Making technology requires complex and expensive machinery. They also believe that soap making Oils, chemicals and other raw materials are scarce, non existent, or too expensive. In the real sense, making laundry soap is one of the easiest and cheapest Business Venture! For example; making a 800g of Laundry Bar Soap will cost you Ksh. 40 worth of raw materials (oils, Sodium Hydroxide, perfume and Color). The retail price for this Bar is between Ksh. 110-140. This translates well into over 150% net profit, yet, one would only need simple wooden molds, stainless steel pots and fire! Even where large scale manufacturing is needed, the motorized machines that can make as much as 200 dozens of Bar soap per hour are quite inexpensive and readily available here in Kenya, Botswana, Rwanda, Tanzania and other countries of East And Central African countries. The prices of these machines range between Ksh. 30,000-500,000/-. We have been in the forefront of demystifying Soap Manufacturing as well as acquisition of soap making machinery. Call us today for free information about soap making. 0723424240 We also provide information on soap business based on County
feasibility studies. E.g. Meru and Eldoret counties are the largest consumers of Bar Soap. Other counties notable for robust bar soap use are Nandi, Kisii, Machakos, etc. Bar soap business is exceptionally good in regions like Kisumu, Nyeri, Eldoret, Busia, Kakamega and the larger Central, Rift Valley and North Eastern regions.

One of the recently introduced best selling Bar Soap brands into the market started with a capital base of only Ksh. 13,000/-?
We are the people behind this success story! The owners (a couple) of this best selling brand (name withheld), approached our consultancy firm with a view of trading in Onion business at Emali. We told them that we deal with Cosmetics and Detergents manufacturing, sales and marketing. We suggested that they try out soap business, and the wife accepted. A month later into the new business, we sold them a Soap Plodder with a capacity to make 50kg ( 5.2 dozens of 800g bar soap) per hour. Now, their production capacity is 100 dozens per day.

We offer certified advice on various formulation ratios for Bar soap that will see your production cost go down as low as ksh. 17/- per 800g bar. These ratios are good when using various oils such as palm, Coconut, Tallow and corn oil.

We offer free advice on ratio formulation and free training for those who buy soap making machines from us!









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  1. that is nyc I have come across this information when I was brainstorming on which business plan I can choose between dertergent production and yougurt production and this information has made me go for the dertergent option……thanks for the information

  2. Am in this business making 60 bars per week and would like to make it atleast 100 bars in a day. kindly assist in anyway. wil contact you

  3. for sure that is a great happy to associate wid u guys only in a way of starting this project and lern more from in eldoret please tell me when will u be comng to this place

  4. Hi, Am in Uganda and would like to learn how to make bar soap, shower gel and fabric softner. Please let me know the costs involved and how long it takes.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Helena, the training will take approximately ten hours. Four hours for bar soap, three hours each for shower gel and fabric softener. Charges are Ksh. 4,000, 5,500 and 3,500 respectively. However, we offer discounts if you decide to take the three items together. Kindly WhatsApp 0723424240.

    • Hello Bashir, we charge Ksh. 3000, 4000 and 3000 for Shampoo, Bar soap and All Purpose Liquid Detergent respectively. Training focuses on the Right formulation procedure, with emphasis on Kenya Bureau of Standards procedures. We advise you on packaging and Sourcing of the raw materials.

  5. Hi there. Its great you are helping youths to create jobs. I am from Dar es salaam. tell exactly where you are located. Seems training is anytime a student arrives. Ok

  6. Hi I lov da work
    ow much is the low costing machine?
    do you help people to register their brand name after training?
    What about da packaging papers & machine?

  7. would like to start a soap making company all usable soaps e.g bar, powder,bath and liquid detergents. would like to know the cost though I knw how to make liqid detergents,how long it takes.the machine I need for processing and their cost.Thank you,Elizabeth.

  8. would like to start a soap making company all usable soaps e.g bar, powder,bath and liquid detergents. would like to know the cost though I knw how to make liqid detergents,how long it takes.the machine I need for processing and their cost.where you are situated in Nairobi. Thank you,Elizabeth.

    • Hello Elizabeth, kindly talk to us on telephone number 0723 4242 40. You will be helped by our sales team in answering all the questions you have concerning costs of the machines, time of processing the request and any other querry

  9. Am very much interested in this business but i lack the technical know how. currently living in meru where can i learn about the process and how to operate the machine?

  10. Hi, I am in Kampala and very impressed with your good work with young people. I want to learn how to make bar soap, toilet soaps, powder detergents and buy machines for processing , cutting, branding and packaging. Do you have this machines? How soon can I buy them? coz could buy immediately as I come for training as well. Let me know your email and location. Thanks Abrahams.

  11. Hi,
    I am a representative of a local company that manufactures Castor Oil,an input in the making of soaps.We are looking for soap makers who can source for our oil that is of high quality.
    Keep me posted.

  12. glad to meet you people.Am eric mulwa from machakos.Bur reside from Nairobi.This year,ave been given an order to supply liquid soap in two pharmaceutical manufacturing companies,four hospitals ad five secondary schools.ave depended on ready made soaps which I think are too xpensive for me,ad now I anticipate to make for my own.Kindly,how can u assist me as a matter of urgency.
    Regards, Eric.

    • Hello Eric, first of all congratulations for winning the tender.
      We conduct quality, up-to-date training in Detergents, Cosmetics and Toiletries with guarantee on KEBS Standardization Mark. Please feel free to talk to us through telephone number 0723424240. You can visit us at Nyota House along Accra Road room 304 third floor opposite Emaccra Hotel Tea Room Area where MERU and embu Matatus are booked. Ask for Mr. Kubai or Madam Phyllis.

  13. A very good inspirational article . you help me to the best area to invest .where to visit you guys to learn more . now in Nairobi but want to invest in my home county.

  14. hi am Nelly from nandi i need training on how to make bar soap n shampoo do u av offices or branches in eldoret

  15. Hi, thanks for the info above. Can I get the soap mold? I am planning to start learning how to make bar soaps. How much would the mold cost together with a stamping machine?

    • Hello Margraret, yes the raw materials for making soap are readily available in Kenya. Nowadays several firms deal with direct import of many different types of materials while Fillers are produced locally by mining companies

    • Modern Machinery, raw materials, mixing equipment and heating systems for medium scale production will cost at least 540,000.

      The new SSP 134TQ soap plodder has the following features

      SSP 133TQ
      1. Load panel Meter
      2. In built vacuum dryer for noodles
      3. Digitalised Automatic Extrusion Temperature control
      4. Digital Voltmeter indicator
      5. Inbuilt internal cooling fan
      6. Sleek body
      7. Production capacity: 30 dozens per hour
      8. Low noise /Zero Vibration
      9. 138psi Extrusion
      10 continuous Feed Alarm
      11. Mountable Roller stamps for soap
      12. Adjustable roller plate holder arm

  16. Hi, I need 4000 units of 800gms Laudry bar soap GRADE 1 for resale to my customer. Which is your best price? Do you deliver within Kenya?

  17. Where can I buy for General Handbook for Cosmetics, Detergents and Toiletries. I am from the Philippines and very interested with your handbook. Please also include its price. Thank you.

    • Hello Sison,
      You can pur it online from us.
      Current price for 2018 edition is USD 330.
      Payment can be made via Western Union or PayPal or interbank money wiring.
      For more information please reach us on telephone +254723424240 . You can also communicate with us through WhatsApp text or Video call

  18. I m a soap manufacturer in india , how can i sale my product in your region , including toilet soap , laundry bar and soap , detergent powder , liqued soap and i can supply raw material also many more .. plz advice

    • Hello Patel. Entry into the Kenyan market as an importer starts with application of trade license in the Kenyan Embassy in India. Thereafter, the custom should further process documents that show your goods meet the requirements of the regional standards. Excise duty must also be applied

    • Hello, Zeinab. We are located in the city center at Nyota building along Accra road (at the junction of Dubois and Accra road CBD) room 309 third floor and room 105 first floor (Nyota building). Please call or text us on WhatsApp no 0723424240

    • KEBS certification is a must, whether small or medium scale. This is because, as a regulatory body, safety of the consumer must be guaranteed. That notwithstanding, the cost of certification is nothing compared to the many advantages it brings to the manufacturer. Just as you incur the cost of establishing your business, either on Raw material or premises, KEBS certification is just part of the initial cost of set up. What you may probably not know is that the rules and process of acquisition of KEBS certification is not always deterrent as many of people think. Please talk to us on WhatsApp no 0723424240

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