Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Bar Soap Business in Kenya

  Bar soap, used for laundry and by extension toiletry, is by far one of the most used consumer commodity in Kenya and the whole of Africa. It is only second to cooking oil, salt...

Training Charges at Cosmetics and Detergents Kenya Limited Institute

Updated on 09 March 2019The following are charges based on individual product training on the Kenyan currency (Shillings) and US Dollars. Online classes are also available. Our Tel number is +254723424240. Our training is...

Understanding of the Raw materials is Key to Good Manufacturing Practices

The knowledge of raw materials, also known as ingredients determine, to a larger extent, the quality and beprofitability of your product. Knowing how the ingredients function in a product, will allow a manufacturer to offer...

Online Soap Making Classes in Kenya

Cosmetics and Detergents Kenya Limited Institute have introduced online training for various products including soaps Detergents and cosmetics, thanks to the growing number of requests from students far abroad who cite traveling and accommodation...

2019 is the Year of Industrialisation

This is the Year of social and economic change that will transform individuals and families. It does not really matter the level at which you can realize this. What is important is good advise, little...



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